Beans & Rice

What is Beans & Rice week? 

For one week, we will eat differently and less expensively. This will teach us to empathize with those in need. This will allow us to give financially to those in need.  

When is Beans & Rice week?

November 11-17. Eat cheaply from Sunday to Saturday and bring the amount you saved on November 18.

Where will the money go?

The money given on November 18 will go toThe Rock (a recovery center in Putnam County) and to an orphanage in Haiti (one of our mission team partners).

Do I have to eat just Beans & Rice?

No. You decide how you will eat differently. Here are some ideas to get you thinking. You may want to gather your family and decide together how to each differently.

  • Eat only at home (no restaurants)
  • Eat Ramen noodles for all or some meals
  • Eat potatoes for all or some meals
  • Kids pack lunch every day
  • Eat only what you have at home (no shopping)
  • Eat all leftovers (throw nothing away)
  • Eat only what doesn’t need to be refrigerated
  • Eat no meat for the week
  • Pack your lunch every day for work
  • Fast for one meal a day
  • Eat a meal at a local soup kitchen
  • Only buy food on sale or with coupons
  • Drink only water