Church has left the Building

The first Sunday in May, (May 5 for 2019) the church will not be in the building. Instead, we serve our community through various work projects. 

Project registration is now closed

We go to schools, parks, non-profits, community gardens, and many other places. We even have projects at the church where little ones can make things to serve those in need

When is CLB?
Sunday, May 5.  Most projects begin at 9 am. and last 3-4 hours depending on the scope of work. Check with your project manager as to the exact times of your project.

Will I come to the church that day?
Only if you have a child ages 2 – 5 that is participating in the “CLB for Littles” project.

What about kids?
Kids 6 and above are welcome to join their parents on any project that is designated “kid friendly.”  However, some of the elementary school projects and the Local Grocery Store Food Collection Project are kid friendly no matter what the child’s age.

How do I sign up for a project?
Sign up on Sunday in the lobby or select your campus below to view projects.
Every person doing a project needs to register individually.

What else do I need to know?
T-shirts are available on a first-come basis in the lobby.  Cost is $10 

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