Forward is a two-year initiative where we are moving Forward as a church and as individuals.

Forward in Momentum - Forward in Momentum is about those things that we currently do at River Ridge and want to do better into the future with greater effectiveness. 

Forward in Reach -  In order for the momentum to carry and reach 1500 more people (1% of the population in the area) we need to have facilities that are both attractive enough and big enough for this to happen.

Forward to the City - God has lead us to the Westside of Charleston to make an impact in one of the toughest and most challenging parts of our city.  To invest both our resources of time and finance. 

Forward to the World - The Forward to the world initiative is about deepening the impact where we are currently investing but also investing and sending out missionaries from within River Ridge Church to share the Gospel across the globe. 

Forward in Generosity – Forward in Generosity is about each of us growing in our own financial generosity.  If we are going to see all that God has for us, we need to grow in our generosity and give to Forward.

Learn more at the Forward Journey website:Visit Forward