Zack & Carly

Young Life Malawi

In short, Young Life is a Christian, non-profit, outreach ministry who’s vision it is to introduce adolescents to Jesus Christ and help them grow in their faith. YL was started in 1941 by a Dallas Seminarian by the name of Jim Rayburn. Jim was tasked by a local church with the challenge of “reaching the youth.” He discovered young people “only care how much you know when they know how much you care.” Young Life begins by going where kids are, learning their names, hearing their stories, having fun with them, and telling them the great news of a God who created them and loves them. Rayburn is also quoted as saying,“Jesus isn’t just what Young Life is all about...He’s all Young Life is about.” Those words still define the organization today, over 76 years later.

Why Malawi?

God has called us to this. For over 12 years now, there has been a call on my heart to serve on the continent of Africa in a full-time capacity. Since 2005 in Zambia, the Lord has been drawing me and is now drawing us. I have seen a lot of different ministries in a lot of different countries, and Young Life is by far the most intentional, relational, and effective ministry I have seen. Also, the innumerable details God has lined up is unbelievable! Only God could find a city with a hospital perfectly suited for Carly and a ministry so perfectly designed and wired for me. It’s UNREAL!!!

There’s a need.

In Malawi, there are over sixteen million people. Half of them are under the age of 20 years old, and the high schools across the country are at maximum capacity. Not only will we be a part of the YL team in Malawi to reach those 8 million students across the country, we will be specifically focused on the eight international schools in Blantyre - each averaging between 800-1000 students.

It’s strategic for reaching the world with the gospel.

Students who attend these international schools often come from countries where there is little gospel presence. How amazing is it that we will get to work with students from all over the middle east and south-east Asia? What if they meet Jesus at their international school, then return home as professionals? Imagine the potential of reaching an entire generation of tomorrow’s leaders? Businessmen, politicians, and military families all send their kids to these international schools...the potential for global impact is off the charts!