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God Is...

Sometimes people believe and say things about God that just aren't true, while there are still many people who say God is real, personal, and turned their lives and families around. If people know God for who he truly is, they would truly experience what He can do. He's so much more than you may think.

A Time for Everything

We all experience different seasons... In this series, we’re going to unpack some seasons of life, and look at God's purposes for each, what He may be teaching us, and what is most important in them.


This series is designed to help you connect and stay connected with God.  In the first part of the series, we will be talking about who is God and in the second part of the series, we’ll be exploring how do we stay connected with him.

Download: 40 Truths About God Bookmark (PDF)

A Story Worth Sharing

We're all captivated by stories, but when it comes to sharing our faith, most people clam up. In this three-part series, we will discover God's heart for those who don't know him and be equipped with some tools to make sharing your faith an everyday part of your life.

Road Trip

Go on the road with Jesus and look at some crucial conversations that He had with people who are just like us.

Living Life As...

In this series, we explore an understanding of who we were made to be in whatever season or stage of life.