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Christmas Is...

Church Shopping

Jesus established the church, so the question is “What should a church be about and what role do each of us play in the church?”

Simple Christmas

We have all kinds of feelings about Christmas, but there is something about having a simple Christmas that sounds right in the world we live in. Join us in taking time to look at God's simple message to us with Simple Christmas.

Dangerous Prayers

What if we traded our safe prayers for riskier, even dangerous prayers? This may take us out of our comfort zones, but it could also bring us exactly where God wants us to be.

Dollars and Sense

All of us desire to live a life that is free from the stress and anxiety that money often causes in our lives.  This series will focus on three principals that will bring us closer to financial freedom.

Modern Family

What does FAMILY mean to you? Join us as we explore what the Bible teaches us about family.

Five Words that will Change Your Life

A desire for peace, community, significance, and love are among many desired shared by all humans.  This series will explore desires in life through these five words:  No. Yes. Help. Sorry. Thanks.